The subsequent development significance of website optimization

The keyword layout of the first step is of strategic significance for the subsequent development of the website. It is necessary to carefully select the corresponding keywords through the background of Baidu Fengchao. In addition, when choosing words, in addition to choosing words with low "competition", in the early stage, you can also use long-tail words of large words as your target words, which is what we call "second-level words" and " Tertiary words ". Because the keyword weight accumulated by long-tail words will accumulate above the big words, it will lay the foundation for the website to win the big words.

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promotion: After selecting "target words" through the background of Fengchao, the next step is to promote the target keywords. The promotion work is mainly divided into two major contents: free and paid. Among them, paid promotion belongs to another field, so I wo n’t repeat them here. The method of free keyword promotion is to create high-quality content for the corresponding keywords, and then submit it to the search engine for inclusion. This is a commonly used keyword promotion method and the most effective promotion method.

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There are three key issues with this method. The first is the creation of high-quality content, the second is the layout of keywords in the content, and the last is how to get search engines included. Among them, the inclusion is the purpose, and the high-quality content and keyword layout functions are easy to include and effectively accumulate keyword weights. As for the specific operation method, it will be described in detail in the following, so it will not be said here.

Build a keyword library: a single keyword can ultimately bring limited traffic to the website (except for certain keywords that are particularly concentrated), therefore, after the website has obtained the initially determined target keywords, the follow-up is to improve its own website Keyword library to further detonate flow. This approach is to open the website traffic entrance, allowing the website to quickly complete the weight accumulation. As mentioned above, another understanding of weight is the website traffic ceiling.

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