Consumers learn about online information by scrolling web pages every day

And business performance is not the only risk. Unethical AI can also hurt more intangible but invaluable assets: the reputation of the organization and the trust of customers.

Trust, ethics, governance and related issues are hot topics at the AI ​​Summit in New York in December 2019, which brought together business leaders and AI innovators to discuss the impact of AI on today's business. Bottom line: Trust is the foundation of corporate reputation. It is often the most important attribute when measuring brand equity, because any transaction between a brand and its customers is an exchange of currency pair value.

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Consumers make hundreds or thousands of transactions with organizations daily through activities such as scrolling web pages, online banking or calling customer service. These transactions seem to be free, but they are not. Currency is usually consumer data in the form of personally identifiable information, such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, or email addresses. Or it could be very subtle but still very personal information, such as the path individuals take when browsing applications, what they ask a voice control assistant to find, or what to write in a submitted resume. In all of these cases, people believe that their information will be used in an ethical manner and will not be biased by the organization and its AI algorithms.

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When we are in the early stages of commercial AI regulation, organizations cannot sit idly by and wait for legislators to develop a roadmap. Doing so misses the benefits of AI, such as discovering insights that can lead to beneficial innovations for businesses and society, intelligent automation of processes can release human workers to add more strategic value or create new ones to meet unmet needs and help organizations Outperform competitors' products and services.

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The board of directors and top management of an organization should consider the ethical use of AI as a priority and this cannot be ignored. To this end, senior management leaders should leverage the following AI framework.

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